Gonorrhea Bacteria Pictures

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Gonorrhea Bacteria Pictures

Gonorrhea Bacteria Pictures and Images

     Here are a few pictures of the gonorrhea bacteria, in case you were wondering how it looks like.

gonorrhea bacteria picture gonorrhea bacteria image image of gonorrhea bacteria gonorrhea bacteria image

gonorrhea bacteria pics pic of Gonorrhea bacteria

About These Gonorrhea Bacteria Pictures and Images

     This is how the gonorrhea bacteria looks like under the microscope. This bacteria is one of the oldest STDs transmitted through sexual contact. One interesting thing to keep in mind is that it's exclusive to humans and it transfers human DNA to the bacterial genome. This is why this bacteria can survive in the human body really good and has the ability to create new strains of itself that are different from the previous ones.

     The good thing is that gonorrhea is curable by antibiotics although resistant strains have been found and due to the fact that it can evolve antibiotics may eventually end up to be insufficient.