Gonorrhea Mouth Pictures

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Gonorrhea Mouth Pictures

Gonorrhea Mouth Pictures and Images

     Here are a few pictures of gonorrhea mouth, this is how your mouth will look like if you have gonorrhea. As you can see this should be avoided.

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gonorrhea mouth pics

About These Gonorrhea Mouth Pictures and Images

     This is how gonorrhea on the mouth looks like. It can affect the lips, the surrounding area of the mouth or the throat on the inside. The symptoms of oral gonorrhea are the same in women and in men. They develop after a few days of having an oral contact with someone infected with gonorrhea. Oral gonorrhea has a reduced risk of being transmitted. This type of oral gonorrhea appear with less frequency than the rest.

     If you suspect you might have been infected with this, it is of most importance to contact a doctor as soon as possible as he can get you started on the antibiotics you need to cure this disease.